Meaning and Purpose of the Policy

Khelo24Bet is an officially registered organization managed by Aphrodite Communications N.V. and licensed by the foreign government of Curacao. In accordance with this, the institution complies with all international and national laws that relate to the gambling industry, including the fight against money laundering.

The organization strives to create a safe, secure, and stable environment for all players. Accordingly, appropriate measures are taken to ensure the identity of each player and prevent violators from gaining access to services and products. The main stages in such verification are the identification of the person by the certifying document and the verification of the payment method.

Khelo24Bet casino has the right to change or supplement the points of the current policy in order to make its implementation more effective. However, this only happens under European Union money laundering legislation, which includes several acts from 2015 to 2017. Each user will be notified of updates in advance so that there is time to familiarize themselves with the changed procedures or other provisions.

Khelo24Bet AML Policy

Money Laundering: Multiple Definitions

This crime has several definitions, which may confuse some users. Therefore, Khelo24Bet describes the main meanings of black money:

Client Verification

In order to make sure that the client is not involved in money laundering, he must go through a verification process consisting of three stages.

Step #1

At this stage, the user must independently specify the data that will be required for further verification. As a rule, in a special form, the client indicates the name, surname, date of birth, e-mail, mobile number, and address.

Step #2

The second stage implies that the company will check the accuracy and completeness of the data you specified in the first stage. This is only necessary if you intend to deposit or withdraw more than $2,000. The user must take a photo of a document that proves his identity, as well as pass a bank check for the ownership of the payment method.

Step #3

If the client deposits or withdraws more than $5,000, then he needs to go through additional verification. In this case, the user must indicate the source of wealth and confirm the connection with it.

Know your Customer Policy

An integral part of the anti-money laundering policy is a complete verification of the client’s identity. If the above three verification steps are only related to monetary transactions, then the “know your customer” policy is aimed at completely scanning the player.

After creating a profile, the client will need to verify his identity by providing a document that proves his identity. It is important to understand that such a photo should clearly show your name, surname, date of birth, country, and city, as well as your photo. In disputable situations, Khelo24Bet employees may request additional data.

Customer Service

Khelo24Bet users may contact customer support to clarify the terms of the policy or submit a complaint or suggestion. To do this, you must use the email address [email protected].